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Just like you, POW is a small business trying to make it in this mixed up crazy world.  Recently, I've been working on creating a better GDN (Google Display Network) ad.  You may have seen the blog article where I shared some Indesign templates that I created to make the process easier.  I was inspired and excited when I saw the Google Adwords Creative Corner: Case Studies and realized that where as the still-motion images are good, I could have bigger, better and more exciting!

I started searching and finally came across the website  and it's pretty awesome.

It's a layout site that helps create Rich Content ads with motion and video.  It easily resizes content, animates, it's easy to use and pretty affordable!

Finally, don't forget about Products On White if you need some great content for those new amazing ads your about to create.

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American Express Small Business Saturday

    As everyone knows, Thanksgiving has now become synonymous with Black Friday.  If anything, in these tough economic times, Black Friday has sadly taken on more importance than Thanksgiving for some.  That's why Products on White is glad to announce that we have embraced and support American Express Small Business Saturday this Saturday November 26th and will be offering 10% on all orders placed on the 26th at Products on White.  Just use the code SMALLBIZ10.  

    The main goal on Small Business Saturday is to have shoppers take control and help support the foundation of our nations economy with Small Business.  There are almost 27 million small businesses in the United States and they account for almost half of all sales in the US.  Now imagine if everyone bought just one item from all those businesses and what it could do for our economy.            

    Small business is the root of our economy and is a simple away for the US to get a boost in its national job growth.  Small business have been responsible for roughly 60 to 80% of all new job growth in the US and in most states small businesses account for roughly 30% of all economic activity. 

    Products on Whites main goal is to provide easy and affordable quality product photography for small to medium business.  So in an effort to help and promote American Expresses Small Business Saturday, we will be offering 10% off all orders placed on Saturday, Nov 26.




10% off code SMALLBIZ10