The Shopify Network...priceless! 1


Products On White opened its doors almost 7 months ago, but before launching we spent countless hours debating on what platform to launch on.  How could we provide our service to the masses easily both for our customer and us?  We even toyed with the idea of hiring a developer to create a site and backend solution from the ground up.  After countless hours of working with a developer and hundreds of dollars we begun to realize there had to be a better solution, something that was already established we could build off of.  That’s when we stumbled upon Shopify.




We quickly ditched all efforts to build our own e-commerce solution from the ground up and signed up with Shopify.  We teamed up with a web developer and Shopify and customized our Shopify site to our specific needs hoping to make our site even easier for our customers.  After several months and several test runs, we finally launched our site with some mild success.  It was then that we realized that Shopify provides its customers with much more than an e-commerce solution; it provides a whole network and community of like-minded business owners.  We began utilizing Shopify’s forum for advice and promotion.  We even wrote in the “Just Launched” forum, which to date is one of our biggest traffic links.


To my business partners credit, one of the smartest moves we made since establishing our business model has been going with Shopify to provide our platform.  Not only for their e-commerce store front solution but almost equally important, their Shopify Network.