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Product Photography: It's in the Details! 4

When it comes to product photography for online store fronts and e-commerce businesses it can very easily become all about the details.  We know the main goal (other then making money) for an online store is to provide the shopper with an experience similar to one they can achieve in a physical store.  And the most powerful way to do that is with your photography.  You want to make that product feel as real as possible for the shopper and before you know it, they'll be buying it!  But how do you go about creating product photography that makes the online shopping experience as "real" as possible you might ask?  The Details!

It's all in the details!  When putting together an online store, most businesses feel they only need one photograph of their product, a photograph that shows the item overall and what will show up at the shoppers doorstep.  But when your shopping at a physical store, do you just look at that awesome looking cell phone without picking it up?!  Or is your first instinct to grab it and check out all it's cool features and details?  I would be willing to bet the more options you have to examine the details of the item the more likely you are to buy it.  Whether your actually holding the item in a store or just checking out detailed pictures online, the more informed you are about the product the more comfortable you'll become with the idea of purchasing the item.


So how do you go about presenting the product details online?  Well there are really 3 options.


1:  Allow your shoppers to zoom in on the image of your product.  This is something that involves a little more involvement on the development side of your online store.  Not all store fronts have the ability to zoom in on a products picture in great detail in order to see the details of the product.  But if your site does allow you to do so, you'll still need multiple shots of your product.  After all it is a 3 dimensional item and has more to it then just a "Front."  So lets say you sell Iphones.  We all know Apple pays tremendous attention to the design and details of its products, so the ideal gallery for your store would show possibly the 4 different sides of the phone and then allow for the shopper to zoom in on the "Details."

2:Photograph the details.  If your store front doesn't allow for the shopper to zoom in on the product picture, your best bet is to have your photographer photograph the details individually.  You may be spending a little more for your photography, but you'll be providing a priceless comfort for the shopper.  So, typically you'll have anywhere from 3 to 8 photos of your product.  One overall shot of the front and back, and then your detail photos.  The actually number of detailed photos will naturally depend upon the product, but its a valuable opportunity for generating sales.

3: 360 degree photography.  This is a much newer technology and therefore much more expensive.  It's slowly becoming more and more popular and as time goes by will become more cost effective, but for now it's an option that you'll only want to consider if you can afford too!  360 degree photography involves the photographer basically taking several hundred photos of your product and then putting them together in an interactive environment for your shopper.  The resulting product is an interactive image that allows the shopper to navigate the picture angle around the product.  Again, very effective but very costly option.

So, remember, it's all about the Details.  You want to create an online shopping experience as comfortable as possible for your shoppers.  A shopping environment that is as real as possible.  The easiest and most effective way to do so is to give your shoppers the details.  Allow them to "hold" and see the details of the product they are about to buy from you.  The more informed your shoppers are the more likely they are to buy your products.

It's in the DETAILS!

Happy Selling From Products on White.

We recently had to photograph some Iphone cases for an online store called x-doria.   Notice how the client asked us to photography this angle twice, once for an overall view of the Iphone case and then another closer image to show the detail of the case and how it fits the phone.

apple iphoneapple Iphone product photo

                                                                                              OVERALL SHOT                                          DETAILED SHOT

Quality Product Photography + Quality Web design = Quality Sales (and Trust) 3


A beautiful website + quality product photography =  $$$$$$$


                Now I may be preaching to the choir, but we can’t stress enough at Products On White what quality product photography and web design will do for your online sales.  Countless studies have shown that taking the time and money to produce quality imagery and an online store front for your e-commerce website will help drive sales and convert shoppers from just browsing to shoppers just buying.  I’m not just saying this because that’s what we do here at POW! I’m telling you because as a small business we understand how important it is to drive sales and convert those “just looking” customers to buying customers.  Providing a quality designed website and quality product photography is the ultimate task in creating a trusting shopping environment for online shoppers.

                Unlike a brick and mortar store, online retailers unfortunately don’t have the added advantage of allowing costumer to feel and touch the items they sell.  So even before the doors open at an online merchant there is one big strike against them.  The biggest and most important way to compete with brick and mortar store fronts is to sell customers with quality product photography and web design.  The overall design of your site as well as the overall consistency and quality of your product photography will determine sales.  No one wants to shop at a poorly designed site, with poorly lit product photography.  In fact most shoppers won’t even trust browsing an online merchant that doesn’t provide a trusting and well designed website visually.  The most efficient and cost effective way to create a trusting online store front is to provide the shopper with a beautifully designed site and with quality images.

Using product photography correctly

                Time and time again we have come across clients that hire us at Products On White to photograph their products for their online store, and time and time again we only later discover that the wonderful imagery we have created for them just goes to waste. 

·         Images that are stretched out. (see below)

·         images that are improperly uploaded to their store front.

·         images too small.

·         images that are pixilated.               

product photography 

It pains us to see product photography that we work hard to make beautiful go to waste.  Items need to be properly presented in an online environment, it’s the only way customers will trust the shopping experience at your store.  It begins with web design and ends with a POW! with your product photography!

Check a couple blogs by shopify photography and it’s importance to sales.  


The Etsy Photographers 7

Dear Etsy Sellers,

Today i'm writing a blog article specifically for you.  At some point you may have been wondering how to photograph your work or products for sale on Etsy.  When we were formulating the plan for POW! we literally said "Wow, this is a great company for people who sell on Etsy" and here's why.

Etsy Sellers tend to have few products they're selling and with smaller budgets.

When searching for a photographer, which i'm sure a few of you have, you may have encountered some problems with pricing.  A traditional method of pricing photography is a bit complex for a regular non-advertising executive person.  The basic model combines 3 factors; A day rate (which is traditionally +/- $1500 a day), a usage or licensing fee (which is highly complex and deals with licensing the copyright of the image in different mediums) and expenses such as assistants, retouching, food.  For a small seller like an Etsy Seller, this is just way to big of a headache and much to expensive for someone selling a 10 - 15 different types of handmade items.

POW! can deliver professional quality photography at a flat rate of $39.99 per product, which includes basic retouching and all usage rights in a timely manner.  No usage fee headaches, no day rates, no expenses, just one flat rate and thats it.

I know that Etsy Sellers are compulsive DIY'ers and it's this creative spark that makes you a joy to work with because we are too!  However, when it comes to photography, taking good Etsy photographs is easier said than done.  High quality imagery, as we've talked about in other blog articles, has proven to sell more products than low quality imagery.  We have invested 10's of thousands of dollars in top quality equipment and spent years perfecting our craft specializing in product photography.  

Not to say that it isn't impossible, but replicating the same quality of imagery in a DIY environment at a lower cost than what were charging would be a very difficult task.

It is my bet that you would end up saving more time and money having POW! photograph your items, than going out and purchasing a new camera system and spending the time to figure out how to do it.  

In short, Etsy Sellers, we're here to help you grow your business at great rates and easy ordering methods.  Oh, and don't tell anyone else, but you're our favorites.

Heart You,


The Competition and taking photography for granted. 1

 Our doors at POW! have only been open for a little over a month and so far so good.  We’ve had a wide range of clients big to small, clothing to beauty and all have been amazed with the imagery we’ve been producing. And with that said I would like to take the time to compare the quality of imagery we produce and to help you find the right solution for your product photography.  Many people take photography for granted, especially with digital photography now allowing anyone to become a "photographer."  But when it comes down to selling your products, it will be your images that will make or break your sales.

A good example of this is a recent story done on CBS's Sunday Morning on pet photography for animal shelters.  Now I know what you're thinking, pets aren't products.  Well watch this video and then tell me what you think.

Adoption rates soared, and every pet photographed by a professional photography was adopted within days! See what a difference professional photography can make!  It can make all the difference in a shoppers perception of your product.  Whether it be a shoe, a diamond ring, or a wiener dog; if your products are photographed by someone who cuts corners or pays no attention to the detail in lighting your product, your sales will hurt. 

So what we can take from all this is taking your photography for granted can cost your business tremendously both in sales and reputation.  If there is one thing a product oriented company should take seriously, it's how its shoppers see their products.  And there are several online photography "studios" that claim they can solve that for you and for CHEAP....

Many of these "Studios" claim to be professional photographers, in a professional environment providing professional quality images.  But few can actually produce quality images.  So we suggest before choosing your photographer for you products, take a close look at their images, not just the bottom line and ask the following questions.

Do they use a light tent to photograph your client’s products? 

At POW! each item we photograph is lit for that specific item, paying attention to the texture and details of the highlights in the product.  If an item is photographed in a light tent, you’ll get nothing but a muddy, flat looking picture, like this.

Pay attention to their website and how it looks.

Just like any website, it should appear professional, both in look and in content.  At POW our product is our Photography.  You should feel comfortable with what you see on the site.  You should be able to contact them by phone, email or their website.  And naturally, their photography should look AMAZING!  Because, ultimately, you want AMAZING photography for your business and in turn AMAZING sales!

Some examples of websites that seem to provide an "affordable" service but upon further inspection may not be the solution you are looking for are and Product Photography 4 Less.  Both seem simple, cut and dry solutions for your product photography.  And they may be, but they both fail to sell you their "product" from a visual standpoint.

Price shouldn't be your only determining factor.

Now, I've owned and operated my own business for years and if anything I understand that keeping costs low is necessary.  However, there is a tipping point or a line to cross in every industry where trying to cut costs can at some point be detrimental to your profits and your reputation.  Your product photography is one corner that should never be cut.  While there are some studios out there that offer product photography for less than $10 an image, I can assure you, you'll get what you paid for and then some.  But trying to save some up front cost, you loose 10 fold in sales.

So, next time you consider going with that craigslist photographer who will shoot all 100 of your products for $100, or that online studio who will photograph all your products in a light tent.  Take a step back and consider the bottom line.

Here are few photos from some of our clients from last week.  Enjoy!




We Shoot Bottles TOO! 5

Bottle and beverage photography is tricky and at times very time consuming, especially for amateur photographers.  There are special tricks and lighting techniques required to get that perfect glimmer in your bottle.  Like the awesome Absolut Vodka Bottle pictures everyone knows and loves.

Products on White is a State side solution for product bottle and beverage photography.  Across the pond you can find companies like We shoot Bottles.  While they are good solution and have amazing photography, shipping costs and time alone will hurt any State Side company or north american business.

Just something to consider....