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Quality Product Photography + Quality Web design = Quality Sales (and Trust)



A beautiful website + quality product photography =  $$$$$$$


                Now I may be preaching to the choir, but we can’t stress enough at Products On White what quality product photography and web design will do for your online sales.  Countless studies have shown that taking the time and money to produce quality imagery and an online store front for your e-commerce website will help drive sales and convert shoppers from just browsing to shoppers just buying.  I’m not just saying this because that’s what we do here at POW! I’m telling you because as a small business we understand how important it is to drive sales and convert those “just looking” customers to buying customers.  Providing a quality designed website and quality product photography is the ultimate task in creating a trusting shopping environment for online shoppers.

                Unlike a brick and mortar store, online retailers unfortunately don’t have the added advantage of allowing costumer to feel and touch the items they sell.  So even before the doors open at an online merchant there is one big strike against them.  The biggest and most important way to compete with brick and mortar store fronts is to sell customers with quality product photography and web design.  The overall design of your site as well as the overall consistency and quality of your product photography will determine sales.  No one wants to shop at a poorly designed site, with poorly lit product photography.  In fact most shoppers won’t even trust browsing an online merchant that doesn’t provide a trusting and well designed website visually.  The most efficient and cost effective way to create a trusting online store front is to provide the shopper with a beautifully designed site and with quality images.

Using product photography correctly

                Time and time again we have come across clients that hire us at Products On White to photograph their products for their online store, and time and time again we only later discover that the wonderful imagery we have created for them just goes to waste. 

·         Images that are stretched out. (see below)

·         images that are improperly uploaded to their store front.

·         images too small.

·         images that are pixilated.               

product photography 

It pains us to see product photography that we work hard to make beautiful go to waste.  Items need to be properly presented in an online environment, it’s the only way customers will trust the shopping experience at your store.  It begins with web design and ends with a POW! with your product photography!

Check a couple blogs by shopify photography and it’s importance to sales.




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  • Paul Zimmerman
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  • David

    Great post! I simply tell them that I don’t work for free. Basically, they want us to do their work while they’re tetging paid for it. Nuh-uh.

  • Marjohai

    I really liked rdeaing this post. I am just starting with reviews on my blog for the most part. I have been picky too. I have only actually accepted opportunities that I’d be comfortable promoting. Thanks for sharing this important post with us all.

  • Huicho

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