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Product Photographers


POW is a daring new business model; simple, clean imagery at half the price a traditional professional photographer.

We can offer professional quality imagery at half price a traditional commercial photographer, with the same quality because we have a workflow that is geared specifically to these simple looks.  We understand that many businesses just need simple, beautiful images of their products on a simple background to post on their commerce websites, layout in their catalogs, send to potential buyers and distributors.  

We admit it, what we do is not fancy compared to our local commercial/advertising photographer friends.  A professional commercial photographer will give you any background you want, place it in an environment with models and action, they can make it explode with splashes and pepper it with garnish and style it to with all sorts of custom things.  

The Creative Vs. The Catalog

Looking at the Aveda website, for example, the local pro-photographer's image is on the splash page, it sets a mood and gives the essence of the products and the companies.  However, when you click on a category to actually shop for something like shampoo, that's when POW comes to town and saves the day with those simple product pictures that you need to sell those individual products.  

POW is a great cost cutting way to get the most out of your budget by dividing up the highly creative images that brings in the customers (Them) and the great catalog imagery (POW) that closes the sales.

We don't think of ourselves as competition with our local pro-photog friends, let them have all the fun with the creative things. We focus on one thing, catalog/ecommerce product photos for the masses and we do that one thing very very well.

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  • Jeff Delacruz
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