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Finding good professional product photographers that are right for you can be a difficult task if you don’t know what your looking for.  One of the elements that makes a great product photographer is how they light their products.  A well lit product makes your item shine out from it’s many competitors, give your company positive brand equity, allows you to sell your product for a higher price, increases page views and sells more.

The Photo Light Tent Of Doom

Every product has a special way that it needs to be lit to enhance it’s special shape and show off it’s better qualities.   At POW we’ve photographed 1000’s of products and know how to light a product before it even hit’s the table top!  Often times, the set is mess of black and white cards, bizarrely modified lights and reflectors.  Despite the chaos, this is what it takes to get a great looking photographs of your product.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the light tent.  Have you ever done a search on "how to take your own product photography", well the light tent is typically the answer.  This is a one size fits all solution to lighting and just like a shoe, one size doesn’t always fit all.  The light of a light tent is even, filling in every shadow and causing a flat looking product without life.  Take a look at the shoe below we did as an example. Which version do you think is the better?

This is the approach that many of our competitors take to photographing products. Where as it ends up being faster for them and cheaper, the quality of photograph ends up lacking.  You get what you pay for and nothing beats a profession who actually takes the time to light a product.

    Left Shoe: Actually lit using POW professional product lighting techniques :)       |        Right Shoe: Lit with a photo light tent :(

  • Jeff Delacruz
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